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Natasha nervously jerked her ass, bent her whole body, trying to get off his cock, grumbled, but the Arab held her hips tightly, not allowing her to move a centimeter ...

“But I don’t need to point out where I need to, where I don’t need it, okay?” - swinging, he gave her a good slap in the ass.

She screeched and froze. Clutching her hips tightly, he began to increase pressure - the head of the penis was almost completely immersed in Natasha’s ass. Natasha screamed, but the Arab continued his work, now a member was half hidden in her anus. He pulled it out a little, then to press it with a vengeance.

- Oh, how good, what a sweet ass! Peach:

Tight Natasha’s ass tightly covered his trunk, he experienced crazy pleasure. He waited a bit, letting her hole get used to its size, and began to slowly fuck her in the ass, making reciprocating movements, making his way to unearthly enjoyment. His movements were all accelerated, and now, he began to swing her ass in the wings, increasing the amplitude every second. The room was resounded by the screams of my wife, her legs almost bent, but the Arab firmly held her by the hips, and Natasha had nowhere to go with his cock. After waiting a minute, the negro standing in front pulled her by the ears to his cock, moved his hips forward and Natasha’s cries stopped, only her loud sniffing and bubbling sounds were heard when the cock went deep into her throat.
When the Arab for the first time jumped out of her, I gasped: Natasha’s hole, which had recently been wrinkled, narrow and did not want to let in even a finger wet from saliva, now turned into a gaping hollow - a frighteningly huge and nervously twitching around the edges. It contracted rhythmically (only slightly contracting in size) and again rounded relaxedly.
I suddenly thought that her ass lived a life independent of the mistress - these tremors looked so involuntary. Then he again plunged into the darkness of her ass, entered with a sharp movement to the very end, rested on his buttocks, leaning on her with his whole powerful body. And again abruptly left his coveted monastery. I watched, as if enchanted, as a huge member of the Arabian conjures over my wife’s ass, turning her into a kind of shapeless formation - huge in diameter, but without a clear outline. Apparently, Natasha’s anus had the ability to stretch very much - and this ability was probably not innate, and acquired by Natasha now shuddered with her whole body under his gross onslaught. I already thought it was that she was in pain when she moaned: so sweet that my cock almost tore his pants. Moreover, her hands still attracted the black man to him. Suddenly, her body shuddered from another orgasm, and she finished with a long moan, squeezing her legs tightly.

“Well done, girl, let's repeat,” the satisfied Arab said, he pulled his stake out of her ass and inserted it into the vagina.

Before he had time to do this, Natasha moaned sweetly, and herself began to sit on his cock. A few minutes later, he again changed the hole, a member entered the ass of Natasha without any resistance. The Negro pushed Natasha’s head off his cock, took her hands by her saggy breasts and simply pulled them up, straightening her body. With his puffy lips, he fell to my wife’s big breast, sucking her large nipples into her mouth. Natasha wrapped her arms around his shoulders, clinging to him. He squeezed her breasts with strong fingers, covering them with passionate kisses. His hands slid down her body, and now tightly squeeze the inside of her thighs, the fingers of the black man penetrate the wet vagina. Natasha, impaled in ass on a huge member of the Arab, leaned forward, sitting on the fingers of the second seller. He sharply grabbed it with both hands under the knees and lifted it up, while simultaneously entering his cock into the vagina.

Natasha screamed, but it was not so much a cry of pain, but a cry of voluptuous pleasure that pierced her body. Clasping her hands around the neck of the Negro, she hung limply, sandwiched between two men, impaled on two members. Men moved in it, as if they threw it up each time, and then lowered it onto their members. I noticed that she was pressed more towards the black man, trying to push deeper on the pi ... oh his cock, and trying to at least a little jump off the back, scurrying in her ass. But he, firmly grasping the sides, with force pulled her ass on the penis, penetrating into it to the maximum depth.

Standing next to the Arab, ran to a wide low couch, covered with a carpet, and yanking his impressive cock, lay on his back. Noticing his maneuver, the trio disengaged, the negro lowered her legs to the floor, and stepped aside. Strength left Natasha, she could hardly stand on trembling legs, unable to move. The Arab, without removing the member from the ass, turned Natasha facing the couch and, shaking his hips, sent her limp body in the right direction.