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ETH MINER Bitcoin miner, Rent any miner in a world. Or sell your speed miner!






A mining rig is a collection of specialised computing devices that use math hashing algorithms to secure a cryptocurrency network and generate coins as a reward to the miner.


Choose from thousands of real rigs available to lease and mine for you. Whether you're wanting to mine Bitcoin or a brand new alt-coin, mining is just a couple clicks away.


List your own hardware and earn more than mining directly. You never have to monitor pricing or find the new hot coin to mine as you will always be competitively priced and paid by us.



As the oldest and most trusted hashpower marketplace, we offer a feature-rich platform that makes your crypto-mining process a breeze.


We offer the largest selection available, with over 100+ different mining algorithms. You can mine practically -any- coin you want.


With our detailed graphs and worker monitoring, you will get instant feedback on the status of your mining hashpower.

Pool Choice

There are absolutely no imposed limitations on which pools you can use. As long as the pool supports stratum mining, our service will work.

Pool Manager

With our web-based pool manager, you can control your rig or your rental from -anywhere-. You can enter up to 5 pools at a time for failover capabilities, and swap between them at any time.



No Commitment

You choose if and when you mine. You're not locked into trying to ROI on expensive hardware or long cloud mining contracts with costly maintenance fees.

Instant Mining

With the click of a button rigs will be mining for you at the pool you want, mining with the algorithm you want.

No Hardware

When you rent, you don't have to worry about maintaining hardware or what the electrical rate is.


Set it and Forget it

Once configured, you will be competitively priced at rates slightly higher than mining the major coins directly.

More Control

You have complete and instant control over where your rig is mining while it's not rented. Control your rig from anywhere!

Consistent Payments

Currencies we allow for payments are currencies readily available on major exchanges, such as Coinbase, for easy and safe conversions.



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